While Washington D.C. is well-known for its enthralling set of museums, stunning monuments, and lively shopping malls, it cannot be denied that the city also takes pride in its distinct and dynamic cannabis culture. In fact, ever since recreational marijuana was legalized in the city in 2015, the nation’s capital has stood witness to the remarkable burgeoning of its marijuana industry.

To date, hundreds of local marijuana-affiliated businesses are decorating the streets of D.C. Because of this, it’s not surprising that the city is also enjoying a sharp rise in tourists who seek to engage and enjoy the thriving cannabis culture in DC.

If you’re planning to visit the nation’s capital and experience a different kind of “high” with the liveliest enthusiasts in the city, knowing what to visit and where to find them comes as the first step to achieving that goal.

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Cannabis Dispensaries to Visit in DC

We have prepared a countdown of the must-visit recreational cannabis stores you must not miss to check out when visiting D.C.

  • Lifted DC

Recognized to be the longest-running cannabis store in DC area, Lifted DC comes as one of your best bets if you want to enjoy a broad range of different marijuana products in one go. From flowers, edibles, carts, to accessories, you will never run out of worthwhile products to check and try out in this place – whether alone or with your favorite pals.


Conveniently located at the entrance to Howard University in Northwest, the place boasts of its impressive set of gift menus, friendly staff, and a nice, relaxing vibe that is perfect for anyone who simply wants to chill and enjoy a taste of their favorite marijuana products.


  • Funky Piece

Also known to be one of the leading cannabis shops in the DC area, Funky Piece is the ultimate must-visit for any smoker who is in dire need of premium quality smoking accessories and supplies. Available 7 days a week and located at 2116 18th St. NW, Washington, DC 20009, the place doesn’t fall short in product variety.


From hand pipes, water pipes, vaporizers, paper and rollups, grinders, to bubblers, expect that Funky Piece offers a diverse set of product options that match smokers from all walks of life. On top of that, visitors can even get the chance to shop for marijuana accessories, such as ashtrays and cleaning products, as well as t-shirts, pendants, and other wearable items.


  • Exotic Blooms

Although only offering delivery-based services, Exotic Blooms still comes as one of the most popular companies that enthusiasts rely on when seeking for high-quality cannabis products when in DC.


Specifically, with the said shop, users can enjoy the opportunity of having exotic strains and other popular cannabis products delivered right on their doorsteps. Not only does this help them ditch the hassle of having to bear the traffic and look for available parking slots, but it also lets them experience a relaxing kind of indoor party with their co-cannabis enthusiasts.

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The Bottom Line

Can’t wait to experience the D.C. cannabis culture? From flowers, edibles, to accessories, feel free to enjoy any of your top favorite cannabis products while enjoying the unique vibe that is present in the nation’s capital.

Check out these top cannabis dispensaries in DC today!

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