It is always best to seek legal guidance on your weed usage if you are confused about any situation or a new piece of legislation that arrives. Still, it might be good to brush up on some intricacies that come with the act by reading what the law has to say yourself. Here, we answer some uniquely specific questions about the legalization of weed in California.

California saw Proposition 64 being passed in 2016, otherwise titled the “Adult Use of Marijuana Act” or AUMA. This law legalized recreational marijuana use for people above 21 years of age. This law also allowed you to grow up to 6 cannabis plants in one household. With this law in mind, there can be several situations the average stoner never thinks to ask about cannabis and the law.

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Can You Smoke Weed in Hotels in CA?

Now picture yourself booking a private room in any one of the snazzy hotels in CA. Can you smoke weed there?

The AUMA does not allow the use of Mary Jane in the following areas: public places and within 1000 feet of an educational institution like a school or youth center. In addition, you also can’t go for a puff while driving or operating a vehicle/heavy machinery.

What is considered a public place? These include locations of businesses, daycare centers, government buildings, hospitals, and schools. As long as you are in the privacy of your hotel room it is most likely you can smoke some pot if you are above 21 years old. Best be sure to keep your quantity within the prescribed limits of 1 ounce or 28.5 grams as well (AUMA Sec. 11362.1).

Be sure to check with the hotel first before doing so to be sure you do not run into any mishaps or problems as certain businesses may have different rules, regulations, or preferences regarding the use of cannabis in their establishment.

There are many users out there that also covertly use weed in their hotel room, making sure not to bring it up to the balcony portion of their room. California might have legalized recreational weed under well-regulated policies but this extra consideration can be well-appreciated by fellow hotel visitors who also use their balconies.

What Happens When You Harvest More Than 1 Ounce of Marijuana After You Grow Some?

The first question that stems from this question is: can you grow weed in California? The answer to this one is you can, but only six plants per residence, if you are a recreational user. Medical marijuana patients with licenses can grow however much they need for their treatments, but further specifications must be discussed with local governments. For example, communal growing areas for patients can allow for up to 100 square feet of space for cultivating cannabis plants.

The yield of one strain or plant might not be the same as another and if you ever cross over to more than 1 ounce of weed in your harvesting season there are 3 options. Each of which highly encourages you to keep your weed away from the eyes of other people:

  • The first is you must keep the excess in your private residence.
  • The second is you can store it in a locked area.
  • The last option is to keep it in a place that is not visible to the public.

Specific counties and cities may have their views on this, however, the part that is underlined heavily is to have the weed in a fully enclosed and secure place within the private residence.

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Can You Use Marijuana in Your Car?

This part can come up as a bit blurry considering the use of the words “open container” in the AUMA. The law discusses the possession of an “open container” of weed or weed products being prohibited while in a vehicle. This term can seem a little vague when the topic of e-cigs or edibles comes up. It is harder to know when e-cigs have been used or not. As for gummies and all things yummy, most of the time those can be opened and be consumed later on, possibly throwing dangerous implications to already used jars of edibles.

Licensed patients do not have the same prohibition. It is unclear whether they are allowed or not because it is not stipulated anywhere. There is one exception to the rule. AUMA allows consumption from the compartment in the passenger’s seat if one is licensed to use it on site.

Final Thoughts

There are some strange places and situations you might get yourself into as a weed user. You might want to smoke weed from a hotel rooftop or accidentally grow more weed than you were allowed to. What can you do about these occurrences? Making sure to check the law can help you stay safe and prevent you from some seriously expensive fines. If you are thinking of reviewing the legalization of weed in DC, you might want to check this out.

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