In the cannabis world, it seems like there is a never-ending list of ways to ingest cannabis. There are ways to combine cannabis with food or drink, but has anyone wondered if you can make a cannabis smoothie?

The answer is yes. You can definitely make a cannabis smoothie; however, you will not receive a psychoactive effect or ‘high’. You will receive the other benefits associated with cannabis since the nutrients aren’t destroyed from the heat. The raw buds and leaves contain antioxidants and neuroprotective chemicals. So as exciting as this sounded, drinking a cannabis smoothie is not the way to get high and healthy at the same time, but it can be beneficial to your health.

Have you already attempted juicing cannabis? Do you have any cannabis smoothie recipes? Try making your own cannabis smoothie and mix and match different fruits and veggies to get the ultimate cannabis smoothie.

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  1. grogu420

    I have a cannabis smoothie recipe that will knock you off your ass. Just simply add some tincture oil to it, and it works.