We’re back this week with one of the latest and greatest exotic cannabis strains to hit the DC weed scene. This week, we’re talking about Bordello. Bordello is an indica-leaning hybrid with a variety of sativa-like mental effects and deep-seated physical relief that makes for an excellent and super relaxing anytime smoke. With mouthwatering flavors of pine and fresh summer berries as well as medium-range THC potency ranging from 18%-23% THC, you won’t want to miss this one. Below, we’re covering everything you need to know about the Bordello strain and where to get it

bordello strain

Bordello Strain: Background 

Bordello is technically a 75/25 indica-dominant hybrid strain, though it takes on a variety of sativa-dominant mental effects. Think of it as an exotic strain similar to Blue Dream in the sense that its genetic makeup hints at indica effects though the high tends to be more balanced. It’s made from a cross between the Alexis strain and Blueberry Apocalypse, offering euphoric and uplifted mental effects as well as a good dose of physical relief. It contains between 18% and 23% THC on average, making it a great choice for cannabis aficionados at every experience level. Best of all, the sweet blackberry and raspberry jam flavor is to die for. 

Bordello Strain Cultivation 

Cultivating Bordello is pretty simple. The strain grows, well, like a weed. It takes on more traits of an indica strain, including broad water leaves and stockier plant structure, though she does grow pretty tall. To manage this, trimming, topping, and training will be common practices in your garden. Bordello doesn’t have many noteworthy problems, but precautions should still be taken to avoid common diseases and ailments such as mold and powdery mildew. Take care to monitor your humidity levels and trim the bottom level of the plants before flipping into the flower cycle to encourage the plant to focus more on cola production for best results. 

Bordello Appearance 

As we touched upon briefly in the last section, Bordello grows in standard indica-dominant fashion. Her water leaves range in shades of dark green and contrast against light green stems. When she flowers, she grows a healthy amount of large top-nugs. Her cola production makes Bordello a popular choice in many dispensaries, as she produces large, frosty flowers with ease. After she matures and gets harvested, her colas separate into smaller spade-shaped nuggets. However, the flowers are often dark in color and quite larfy, turning some users off of the strain before they get the chance to try it. She’s not ugly in the slightest, just a little odd. Her flowers are loosely packed with a few curly leaves throughout. Each one contrasts nicely with her bright orange to red pistils and healthy helping of crystalline trichomes. 

Bordello Scent, Flavor, and Effects 

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Bordello is strange in the best of ways. From her appearance to her unique scents and flavors, you’ll be able to tell this one apart with ease. While growing, she takes on a musky pine aroma that tends to envelop her entire grow space. As the flowers dry, they become much earthier and sour. She throws a lot of very surprising terps when the flowers are agitated via grinding or chopping, though. While the dank earthy muskiness is always present, a coarse grind brings extremely sweet and fragrant raspberry and blackberry aromas to the forefront of the experience. It leaves a lasting impression of sweet and tart berries with dank earthy undertones.  

Bordello’s flavor profile is a lot like its scent profile in the sense that it changes throughout the session and leaves you feeling like the strain was both tasty and confusing. The first impression on the inhale is that of refreshing pine terps. The true flavor kicks in once you appreciate the smoke, which is on the thicker side and full of uniquely musky and sour flavors. The sharp notes are guaranteed to make you cough out your first exhale, though you’re always left feeling extremely refreshed with a healthy helping of sweet and tart raspberry and blackberry flavors left on the tongue. The final impression is of a pungent earthy dankness with sweet berry notes. 

The final exhale fades way to a very clearheaded cerebral effect. While most indica-dominant strains tend to leave you feeling foggy and tired, Bordello offers a lot of bright sativa-dominant effects in the mind. You will feel fully in control over your senses, creating a sense of focus and creativity allowing you to concentrate on the important things during your day. The strain also offers generous physical relief that soothes sore muscles and keeps chronic pain at bay without sacrificing your energy levels. The key to this strain is dosage, though. A standard sized dose will be more cerebral and sativa-like, but heavy doses are likely to make you feel sleepy and couch-locked kind of like Purple punch

Medical Uses of Bordello 

Bordello makes for excellent any-time medicine thanks to its mix of effects. Since the effects are pretty clear and soothing mentally, they can help with a variety of mental ailments such as stress, depression, anxiety, and fatigue as well as hyperactivity and attention deficit disorders thanks to its focusing effects. It helps with fatigue and a lack of motivation in the same way. In higher doses, it makes powerful nighttime medicine that can battle insomnia as well as chronic pain, muscle spasms, a lack of appetite, nausea, and headaches. 

Bordello Strain Review 

Overall, Bordello is a great any-time strain that promotes a great mix of physical relief and uplifting mental effects. Its combination of mid-range THC, hybrid effects, and blackberry-esque flavors make it one of the most exciting strains on our radar so far. Whether you smoke for medical reasons or you just enjoy recreational effects, we think you’ll love Bordello. If we had to give it a star rating, it gets a perfect 5. Between its ease in cultivation and its amazing mix of effects, this strain is sure to delight even the snobbiest of weed critics. If you see it on the shelves at your favorite smoke shop or for delivery through any of DC’s fine compliant gifting services in the near future, grab yourself a sample. You’ll find it’s on its way to becoming your new favorite strain, Also if you want to get your hands on some high quality Bordello Strain Seeds here is a great place to try.

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