Alien Rift is no secret among stoners. Its popularity reaches new heights comparable to outer space. With its complex origins, refined breeding, and intense high it is one you will want to get some serious notes on. Below is a closer look at the Alien Rift strain, its background, visuals, flavors, and growth details. 

 What Is the Alien Rift Strain?

Ocean Grown Seeds is the mastermind behind this uniquely made strain. They have a reputation for creating classics like Alien OG. Their artisan status does ensure that each new seed is made with the utmost attention to detail and quality. In particular, Alien Rift is a cross between Alien Abduction, Alien Dawg (Ether cut), and Alien OG. The team went a step further to backcross to improve hash production. 

Its quality does not come into question. Neither does its THC levels at 19-24%. It is primarily an indica-dominant strain with a ratio of 80-20. Increased energy and focus have some stoners saying it gives them a “super buzz”.

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How Does the Alien Rift Strain Look?

alien rift strain

Dark green fan leaves stretch long, holding pale green leaves frosted to the nines. The bud that comes from drying and curing shines in all its alien-like neon majesty. With bright yellow and green hues, bright orange hairs are interspersed along with each compact, cone-like bud. 

How Does Alien Rift Smell?

Opening a jar of Alien Rift will bring a pleasant, calming aroma of citrus and spice. Take another whiff and the herbal and earthy undertones will give you a familiar and comfortable feeling as you smoke. It can be quite pungent for some while charming the noses of many. Sour notes scatter throughout the entire experience which adds to its uniqueness and depth. 

How Does the Alien Rift Strain Taste?

If you like lemon skittles you might not be able to stop yourself from going overboard with this strain. Its taste is akin to the sugary candy or even close to lemon-flavored starburst. Each inhale gives off a combination of citrus, spicy, and sour. The added deep flavor of grape and nuts makes it a unique and delicious toke. 

How Does Alien Rift Make You Feel?

The happiness you get with this Alien Rift will start you off being a little giggly. Exploding laughter erupts at times for your enjoyment. Each of your senses will be placed into a complete calm, your body fully relaxed. You might also feel like grabbing some food during your entire experience. Alien Rift can give you a serious case of the munchies

Then the powerful and euphoric high will hit you, a long one too. Alien Rift is famous for this increasingly elevated and easy smoke. Just try not to go too hard too fast. It can give you a dry mouth, dry eyes, and some anxiousness if you bit off more than you can chew.  

What Are the Medicinal Effects of Alien Rift Strain?

The high potency rates of Alien Rift often go over 20%, ideal for helping relieve moderate physical pain and inflammation. Its sativa-leaning side makes it a great pick-me-up for those with depression and chronic stress. In the end, all that energy needs to go somewhere and a couch lock might not result from it all but Alien Rift can make some drowsy while being good for insomniacs.

Activities that Pair Well With Alien Rift

alien rift strain

The sativa nature of Alien Rift drives your mind to new, heightened levels of concentration. This free-flowing mindset can aid you in creative endeavors or simple to-do list tasks. The relief you get from this energetic skyrocket is also ideal for exercising, running being a favorite for cannabis lovers smoking this strain. This aspect of the strain goes well with parties and friend group gatherings. Just a toke will get you loose and encourage you to start chatting it up to a whole bunch of people.

For those who prefer their alone time, these nugs can also be great companions with an interesting or complicated book or your new album you have been waiting to listen to. Some of the drowsiness will get to you by then and have you sleeping comfortably after all the excitement. 

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How Can You Grow the Alien Rift Strain?

Luckily for Alien Rift fans and curious growers alike, Alien Rift seeds are available online. They grow to be very bushy and will need some training to grow at their optimal potential. The flowers can get pretty dense and the key to truly making the most of them is to allow for extra vegetative time and topping. 

Regulating your plants at the beginning can lessen the chance of fan leaves that can stop light from reaching the lower parts of the cannabis. After 8-10 weeks, you can expect them at their full maturity, ready-to-go, indoors. Outside planters usually see the fruits of their labor in October. 

Where to Get Alien Rift Strain

Alien Rift is not for the faint at heart. Its high is something else much like the weed available at 420DC’s best delivery services listed here. Check them out for top-quality cannabis on par with Alien Rift. 

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