Cannabis and cannabis products are available for recreational use in Washington, DC. Because of this, residents can consume the plant and cannabinoid-infused products as long as they comply with the area’s marijuana laws. See to it that you only buy from registered cannabis dispensaries in the area.  If you live in DC or you plan to visit for extended periods soon, you might want to know how you can fully enjoy the DC weather with the help of cannabis. Ready to know how to do this? Read on.

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The Overall Climate in DC

Before we talk about the best ways to use cannabis to deal with the DC climate, it is important to discuss the average weather in DC. Generally, it is known to have muggy summers and freezing winters. You can also expect partly cloudy days throughout the year with abundant annual rainfall.

4 Ways to Use Cannabis Products if You Live in DC

Now that you know what the overall climate in DC is, you may be curious as to how you can use cannabis products to cope with the changing weather. Here are some of the best tips:

  • Make Cold Treats During Muggy Summers

Summers in the capital can be hot and humid. Because of this, you might want to cool down by eating some cold treats that are fortified with cannabis. You can easily make a chocolate sauce for snow cones using marijuana-infused bars. You can also make your own infused ice cream. The secret? You need to make marijuana cream first, then proceed to make an ice cream using this as you usually would.

  • Use for Cooking Comfort Foods on Rainy Days

The key point in cannabis cuisine is that it binds well to fat, oil and grease. You can use the plant to whip up any dish that has fatty ingredients, just like what you do with cannabis ice cream. This covers a whole lot of recipes, from baked goods like brownies to savory ones such as pesto. You can also simply use CBD or marijuana oil for cooking your ultimate comfort food during wet days.

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  • Infuse into Hot Drinks During Winter

Winters in the capital can be harsh with significant snowfall. Sometimes, rain and snow can fall within the same day. With such challenging weather, you might want to borrow heat from your weed tea or a cup of Joe. You can use infused oil to make bullet coffee or mix in a few drops of CBD oil into your staple tea. You can also make hot chocolate from scratch with an extra marijuana kick.

  • Simply Savor the Plant on Cloudy Days

Even when it is not raining or snowing, DC is known for generally partly cloudy skies all year round. In days when the sky just seems so gloomy, why not sit back, relax, and enjoy your favorite strains of cannabis.

Recreational and medical marijuana can help you get through the changing weather of Washington, DC. With these tips, you can use the plant optimally while dealing with the hot, cold, and rainy weather in the capital.

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    What weed do you use to deal with the bogus DC weed climate… I’ve been here almost 20 years and it’s always been hard to get bud ..especially for a college town … Even now after years of legalization SUCKS this 420 would be cool if it wasn’t for the con artist … preying on members and the bogus DC legislation that forces the consumer to assume all the risk for no reward … DC sucks DC weed sucks and last but not least DC dealers suck … no consistency … if this is what you’re gonna do make it illegal again