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Weed enthusiasts no longer have to indulge in cannabis through smoking. You can consume your weed as an edible, vape, topical, or tincture. DC has not lagged; it has stores that package your cannabis in fascinating ways.

Even better, they include gift hampers customers can order for their loved ones. Imagine surprising your weed buddy with their favorite vape after a long day’s work.
You also have the privilege of ordering your favorite weed strain or product from the comfort of your sofa. Who wouldn’t want to get their weed delivered to their door, especially when they are having a slow day? I bet none.

DC has more than a dozen high-quality weed stores offering substitute and unique products. You will likely get your preferred strain from any of them. However, we assessed their product catalogs and customer service and prepared a merit-based top-10 list.

DC’s top 10 cannabis dispensaries include:

  1. All The Buzz to satisfy all your weed cravings under one roof.
  2. Legacy DC for their diverse catalog and fast delivery.
  3. Purple Penthouse for high-quality weed and great customer service.
  4. Exotic Blooms for their savory edibles.
  5. Gifted Curators for their exotic recreational cannabis.
  6. District Connect for your dependable cannabis supply.
  7. High5DMV for budget-friendly cannabis and merchandise.
  8. Hall of Fame Exotics to get a taste of exotic cannabis strains you never had before.
  9. DC Euphoria for their ecstatic weed strains.
  10. High There DC to choose from their regular and exotic strains.

Check out the links for a detailed review of each cannabis dispensary. You’ll appreciate their efforts to offer quality cannabis products and unforgettable experiences.

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