Trending Leafs is a top-notch cannabis delivery service and smoke shop located in DC that is dedicated to providing premium products and embracing the thriving trends in the industry. With a stellar track record and high-quality products to boot, Trending Leafs has earned its rightful place among the Best of DC for September. Trending Leafs is dedicated to their craft and providing their customers with trustworthy and trendy products and services that place quality above all else. With a wide variety of cannabis products to choose from including cannabis flower strains like SFV OG and Black Runtz as well as concentrates, edibles, cartridges, and magic mushrooms any stoner can find something worthwhile and innovative with Trending Leafs.

For individuals interested in placing an order with Trending Leafs, simply give them a call and they will help direct your questions and place an order. A valid ID is required to confirm all orders and deliveries require a minimum of an $80 purchase for service. Trending Leafs offers competitive prices and great deals on all their premium products as well as a wide variety of options to choose from whether it’s cannabis strains or edibles. Don’t forget to mention 420DC to receive a special discount upon placing an order.

trending leafs

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