Experiencing luxury at its finest is hard to find, however, cannabis lovers who like to experience the high life in the penthouse suite need to try Purple Penthouse, a cannabis and shroom delivery service out of DC. With a stellar track record to boot, Purple Penthouse has earned its rightful place among the Best of DC for September. Boasting an impressive selection of cannabis and shrooms gifts, cannabis connoisseurs and psychonauts alike can find something of value with Purple Penthouse. Run by women in a male-dominated industry, Purple Penthouse rises to meet and exceed expectations by setting the bar just a little bit higher after each and every service. For individuals interested in supporting women in weed and expanding women’s entrepreneurial endeavors in the cannabis industry, head to their website here to view their menu and place an order.

Purple Penthouse prides itself on not only the high-quality cannabis and shrooms gifts available, but also in the expansive array of cannabis strains like Pink Lemonade and Lemon OG as well as tons of other products like edibles, moonrock, cartridges, shrooms and so much more. For the psychonauts out there, Purple Penthouse offers various magic mushroom strains like Liberty Caps and the Golden Teacher Mushroom as well as edible forms of the psychedelic shrooms like a chocolate bar. Don’t forget to mention 420DC and receive a special discount upon placing an order.

purple penthouse

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