best of dc september 2023 flower avenue productions

Flower Avenue Productions? They’re like the reliable go-to in the DC cannabis and psychedelic scene. These folks kicked off their journey in 2021, and they’re all about ensuring you get the good stuff without any worries.

What makes them stand out? Well, it’s their dedication to safety and playing by the rules. They carefully pick their cannabis and psychedelics, keeping health and regulations in mind, so you’re always getting something safe and totally above board. And when you check out their gift menu, it’s like stepping into a wonderland of exotic cannabis strains, vape goodies, edibles, and even magic mushrooms – all handpicked with love.

Now, let’s talk about DC’s maze of cannabis options. It can be a bit overwhelming, right? That’s where Flower Ave comes in, simplifying your choices with trust and extra perks. Picture this: speedy and friendly delivery, tried and tested by real people. They’ve got the largest selection of cannabis and psychedelic gifts in the whole city, and they play by the book with DC Initiatives 71 and 81.

Oh, and their loyalty program? It’s the real deal. You’ll score cool bonuses, like legit photos of their products, free entry to a monthly giveaway, and a newsletter loaded with exclusive promo codes.

But here’s the kicker: daily, weekly, and monthly deals and specials. So, you’re always getting the best bang for your buck. And for the savvy folks who know the code, mentioning “420DC” unlocks a super sweet deal: 3.5g of Premium Concentrates for just 75 bucks!

Want to get in on this? Reach out to them at (240) 794-8158 or drop them an email at [email protected]. Check out their digs at their website to see what’s cookin’. Oh, and if you’re part of their loyalty program, they’ll throw in a free pre-roll to show some love. With Flower Avenue Productions, you’re in good hands for all things cannabis and psychedelics.

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