best of dc september 2022 exotic blooms

Exotic Blooms’ main philosophy is faster and better service delivery. This cannabis shop has implemented various measures to improve its delivery services. Thus, it will not take long for you to receive your product after placing an order.

Exotic Bloom has an expansive gift menu divided into four sections: flowers, vape pens, edibles, and concentrates.

You can order various products for the flower, such as Helado, King Louie, Brownie Scout, White Truffle, and Animal Mints. They also have private reserve flowers, such as Fuel Biscuits, Purple Punch, Purple Diesel, and Black Mamba.

You can acquire edibles from Exotic Blooms, including Chocolate Canna Nugs, Gummies, Cannabis Syrup, Choco Bars, and Mushroom Gummies.

The concentrate menu includes the Blue Dream Badder, Left Coast Extracts, and the Acai Berry Gelato Crumble.

Check their website for their daily menu since they change it regularly to meet all the customers’ needs. Furthermore, you can call them at (202) 317-9158 to make an inquiry or place an order.

One thing that makes Exotic Blooms unique is that they have a specials segment. This segment contains various OZ deals, such as Candy Cane, Hawaiian Punch, and Ice Cream Cake deals.
They also have holiday specials where they sell their flowers at a discounted price. Furthermore, you should not miss their stickers, which may offer additional discounts.

Additionally, this cannabis shop sells fantastic merchandise that entails hoodies and t-shirts. Moreover, apart from the Exotic Blooms branding on the merchandise, you can also ask them to include your name.

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