best of dc september 2022 district connect

District Connect initiated its cannabis business in 2018 and has strived to provide customers with the best cannabis strains from trusted sources.

Sitting 10th on the Best of DC, the enterprise is an excellent place for experienced and amateur cannabis enthusiasts to get their products. Customers who walk into the store or order at convenient locations praise the business for its superb service.

The superb customer service offered is complemented by the variety of quality products provided by District Connect. Depending on your needs, they have a range of Sativa, hybrid, and Indica cannabis strains. If you are new to the different strains, customer support will provide the needed guidance to help you get what you need, provided you are over 21 years old.

District Connect is arguably the best place to purchase weed vapes if you are into weed vapes. The store offers a range of models with various flavors at affordable prices. For every three vape cartridges you buy, you get one for free. However, this does not apply to disposable vapes.

For more information on their products and services, check out their website and make an order by texting District Connect at (202) 568-5930. All persons making a purchase must provide a photo of them holding their ID card for age verification. If you prefer making in-store purchases, they are open from 10 am-8 p.m. from Monday to Thursday and from 10a.m to 9p.m from Friday through the weekend.

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