best of dc september 2022 all the buzz

Located in DC, All the Buzz has become one of the state’s most prominent weed smoke shops. Due to its high-quality weed and trend-setting merchandise, most cannabis connoisseurs in DC cannot stop buzzing about this shop.

The shop has many cannabis products, such as premium strains, edibles, and pre-rolls.
Furthermore, they have an expansive menu that consists of products like Animal Face, Skunkberry, Sour Pez, and Sour Kush.

One exciting thing about their menu is that it changes daily, so you get something unique and special every day you check their website.

Moreover, you can call them at (202) 803-2263 to make an online purchase. Their customer service is impeccable, and you will receive a thorough brief of the available products.

You can expect other products from All the Buzz, including edibles like Lemonades, Trollis, Brownies, Georgetown Kush Cakes Gummies, and Rocket Chocolate Bars.

Another thing that makes this cannabis shop unique is its merchandise, like t-shirts and face masks.

The only rule you need to know before buying cannabis from this shop is that they only sell to those above 21 years old. As such, you must present your identification card or passport to prove you are above this age limitation.

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