purple penthouse

Purple Penthouse has earned a spot on the 420DC top 10 list. This cannabis provider is a female-owned and operated business. They offer premium flower and mushroom strains and various other cannabis products like edibles, and they deliver their products directly to their clients in the DC area. They pride themselves on providing the best quality product.

Purple Penthouse’s unique business approach sets them apart from the rest. They offer a delivery service that makes ordering cannabis a cinch. Check out their website to browse their menu. When ready to order, text (202)-923-5766. You must include a selfie holding identification showing you are 21. You place your order, including the delivery address and time. The staff will confirm your age and send your delivery on its way. Once a delivery has been sent out, no changes can be made.

Purple Penthouse’s cannabis menu is very impressive. Connoisseurs will have difficulty choosing from the great selection of potent mushrooms, and the number of excellent cannabis strains will set your mind spinning. Their inventory includes edibles, merchandise, CBD, concentrates, and anything you could want to be delivered right to your door.

Check out their website to learn about their current deals. They offer flash deals that will appeal to all customers. Purple Penthouse provides a loyalty program. Each dollar spent earns 1 point, and clients will receive an amazing $50 credit when they reach 1000 points. Don’t forget to mention 420 DC when you order to receive a gift or discount.

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