Peace in the Air is a unique i-71 compliant gifting service here in DC. To get cannabis gifts, you’ll purchase music and receive a complimentary cannabis gift with your order. They currently specialize in flower and boast a whopping selection of strains to choose from. Peace in the Air is one of our favorites in its unique atmosphere and ordering structure, though they stand above their competition in terms of safety, transparency, and potency. Their motto is “Compliant, not complacent” which is blatantly clear within the rotating flower selection guaranteed to delight even the pickiest of cannabis aficionados. 

Their menu contains a rotating, ever-changing menu of exotic indica, sativa, and hybrid flower strains. While they don’t offer any other products, the quality of their flower alone speaks for itself. They also frequently offer ounce specials on select strains and free delivery on any purchase over $100. Right now the most exciting strain on their menu is Billy Kimber, named after the character on Peaky Blinders. It’s a hybrid phenotype of the famous OG Kush strain boasting some seriously high levels of THC and a rich, gassy flavor. 

To get started with Peace in the Air, simply text them at (323) 237-9333 with your order information and a copy of your ID. If you tell them 420DC sent you, they’ll hook you up with a free gift. You can also keep an eye on their 420DC profile to stay up to date on their rotating flower menu as well as fabulous deals including free delivery on orders over $100 or discount ounces. 

Visit their Listing to Order Now.:


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