best of dc october 2022 top 10 businesses

The DC area is lucky to have many dispensaries and weed delivery services to choose from. You can find delicious strains, friendly budtenders, and incredible discounts at the top businesses around DC:

  1. All The Buzz
  2. DC Lab Direct
  3. Purple Penthouse
  4. Locals Only
  5. Legacy DC
  6. GHouse DC
  7. High5DMV
  8. SinCity Gardens
  9. Heady ClubDC
  10. Exotic Blooms

You won’t believe some of the remarkable deals, discounts, and promotions you can take advantage of if you toke in DC:

Get some free merch like sweatshirts and t-shirts when you pick up your favorite strain from spots like All the Buzz and Ghouse DC. Also, check out truly unique cannabis products like infused syrups from fancy delivery services like Exotic Blooms.

For the picky stoners, you can’t go wrong with designer menus from spots like DC Lab Direct, High5DMV, or SinCity Gardens. We’ve rounded up the ten best businesses in the DC area for all your cannabis needs!

Plus, you can get magic mushrooms from spots like Locals Only and Purple Penthouse for a trippy adventure.

Don’t waste your time with subpar dispensaries and delivery services when you can get the best from businesses like Heady Club DC, DC Lab Direct, and Legacy DC!

We would never lead you astray, and one of these phenomenal businesses will become your new favorite source of cannabis!

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