best of dc october 2022 sincity gardens

One of the best weed delivery businesses in DC is SinCity Gardens! This elusive delivery company can only be reached via phone, but they have an ever-changing menu they can keep you updated on through text! SInCity Gardens almost always has impressive deals on full ounces of flower.

If you tend to buy in bulk, you can get a top-shelf ounce of flower delivered for only $110. These strains can cost over $200 at other dispensaries and delivery companies, but SInCity Gardens wants you to enjoy the best weed without breaking the bank. This deal is fabulous on its own, but they’ll also throw in 3.5 grams of exotic flower for you to try.

For folks who love a top-shelf flower, SinCity Gardens is one of the best services to call so you can get a stellar deal without sacrificing the quality of your weed. Their menu constantly changes, keeping you interested and excited about new strains and products. But some regular strains they almost always have available include Gelato Cream Pie, Peach Kobbler, Blueberry Cheesecake, Lemon Cherry Gelato, and Gorilla Skunk.

Their inventory tends to consist of fruity strains with high levels of THC, so if you love a citrus strain or berry bud, you’ll love their menu.

You can text or call SinCity Gardens anytime at 771-201-4930, and they’ll get back to you with their menu as soon as possible! The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, making every customer feel welcome and cared for.

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    1. Stan Pickett

      Poor service. Took 2 days to actually get my order. The n when it got here it wasn’t what I ordered. They said they threw in a little extra but it wasn’t what they said it would be. My edibles that I thought was thc turned out to be delta 8. I can buy that in the stores. Don’t recommend and won’t be using again. To many choices in the area.