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The Heady Club DC is not a raging nightclub, but it’s more like a clubhouse for stoners! This DC delivery service is super responsive and discreet, making it one of the most trusted and used weed delivery services in the DC area.

Hands down, the best deal you can take advantage of from Heady Club DC is their ounces of flower for just $90! When you order online or call, use the promo code “420DC-90,” and you can get an ounce of premium flower for only $90! Don’t miss out on this fantastic deal, as it likely won’t last forever, But Heady Club DC is a generous business, so who knows!

Check out their featured strains when shopping their menu, as you can get an ounce of a rare or popular strain for under $100, such as Georgia Pie, Sour Diesel, Viper, or Slapz! Heady Club DC has a rotating menu of flower, concentrates, shatter, wax, and other cannabis products you’ll love.

Even if you think you know their menu, check it out regularly to see any new strains or unique products you can’t find on other weed delivery service sites. There are many weed delivery services in DC to order from, but Heady Club DC is one of the highest-rated companies with super loyal customers who keep coming back for amazing deals and friendly service.

You can schedule a delivery with heady Club DC by calling or texting them at 202-460-8698. They’re ready to help you from 10:30 am to 7 pm Monday through Saturday and from noon to 4 pm on Sundays.

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  1. Melina Rose Thompson

    I agree beautiful company I really dig the service. The side gifts were also phenomenal. The strains that were given were perfect. I wish there was a way I could leave photos of the product since I was blown away on this size of the flower per each bud.

    The other thing is it treats the conditions that are needed in today’s society.