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Do you love trying cannabis in different forms? A joint rolled with premium flower will always hit the spot, but sometimes you want to explore the ever-evolving world of weed to see what’s out there. When you’re ready to experiment with captivating cannabis products, visit the Exotic Blooms website!

The Exotic Blooms delivery service gives customers a robust menu that includes unique products like OG Dank Cannabis Syrup, infused gummies, mushroom peanut butter cups, and more! The name Exotic Blooms is apt as they have some truly exotic products you can’t order from most delivery services.

Even if you’re not interested in the funky products, you should order from Exotic Blooms to take advantage of their weekday specials! The beginning of the week can be taxing, but these weekday deals will make your Mondays a little less painful.

They have discounts on designer strains and private reserve strains, helping customers save money without sacrificing a quality high. You can choose from delicious strains like Tropicana Cookies, Animal Mint, Lemon Cherry Gelato, Super Runtz, Black Mamba, Gelato 33, Sunset Sherbert, and Peach Creme Gelato.

Plus, you’ll get free delivery during happy hour orders and any deliveries completed between noon and 3 pm on weekdays. Exotic Blooms has some of the hottest products and enticing flower deals!

To try some of these fantastical products, call or text 202-317-9158 to place a delivery. They’ll answer you as soon as they can and set up a delivery time, whether a week ahead or just a few hours before.

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