With a central focus on de-stigmatizing cannabis in the eyes of the rest of the world and creating a storefront location that is welcoming and accessible, it’s no wonder High There DC has skyrocketed into popularity, earning its place among the Best of DC for November. They embody the idea that a world with cannabis is legal and accessible is safer, healthier, and happier as most cannabis lovers would agree. High There DC offers a wide range of cannabis goodies including flowers, cartridges, magic mushrooms, edibles, and more. 

Customers will notice the overwhelming selections that High There DC has available for all their products which allows for a new and customized experience every time. Choose from numerous cannabis strains like Ak-47, Durban Poison, and Skywalker OG, or try your hand at magic mushrooms with noteworthy strains like Penis Envy and Cubensis. But, that’s only scratching the surface of the countless selections at High There DC’s disposal. With competitive and affordable prices, you definitely won’t be disappointed when choosing High There DC.

For residents of DC that are interested in placing an order, reach out and give High There DC a call at (202) 819-7828. Check out their website to learn more and to stay up-to-date on all the latest products featured on their menu.

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