GHouse is a cannabis delivery service and a smoke shop with multiple locations throughout Northwest DC. They provide premium flower, edibles and concentrates within Initiative 71 guidelines. GHouse offers premium Cannabis deliveries, Cannabis events, and even private meetups if you’re out and about in town. With your purchase of a sticker, baseball card, lighter, or apparel item, GHouse will provide you with a gift of one of their fantastic cannabis products. If you’re planning on spending less than $75, then they suggest scheduling a private meetup.

Having multiple locations allows GHouse to service their customers to the fullest extent they can, providing sativa, indica, and hybrid strains of Cannabis. Right now, we have our eyes on their cut of the Runtz strain, which is best known for its candy-like flavor and jaw-dropping potency levels. Besides their excellent flower selection, GHouse also offers full one gram cartridges for a $60 donation and three different types of edibles. GHouse has a unique Cereal Bar edible right now that will not only provide 500mg of THC, but will hit you with nostalgia and remind you of your childhood and simpler times at the same time.

GHouse is open seven days a week, from 12 pm – 8 pm Monday through Saturday, and 12 pm – 7 pm on Sundays. Between their flexible hours, multiple locations, and excellent inventory, GHouse has everything you need to get your cannabis needs addressed. If you buy an ounce from GHouse, not only will you receive top-shelf cannabis flower, but you will also receive your choice of a free GHouse bag or sweatshirt when you tell them 420DC sent you. For more information on GHouse, go to their website at You can call or text 202-845-9928 with a copy of your photo ID and a selfie to place an order.

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