Ghouse DC is back at it again, earning another spot on the Best of DC, this time for the month of November. Ghouse DC is a top-rate cannabis delivery service and smoke shop with various locations scattered throughout the city. With a wide variety of premium cannabis strains, edibles, and concentrates to offer, Ghouse DC is sure to deliver a satisfactory experience with quality products every single time. Due to their locations throughout the city, they offer some locations for private meet-ups upon request to help provide accessible and efficient service. 

Only carrying the best of the best from the most notorious cultivators from around the country, Ghouse DC’s selection of cannabis goodies is unmatched. From Runtz to Cookies and all the Cake strains in between, you’re sure to not only find something new but something exciting to experiment with every single time. For access to their latest menu, reach out and give them a call to find out what is in stock. 

For residents of DC that are interested in placing an order, reach out and give Ghouse DC a call at (202) 845-9928. Check out their website to learn more and to stay up-to-date on all the latest products featured on their menu.

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