If you’re looking for California medical-grade Cannabis products in the DC Metro area, then Exotic Blooms is the service for you. Exotic Blooms started out as a small operation but has exploded onto the scene as of late thanks in part to their exceptionally high-quality products, their authenticity as a business, and their customer-friendly deals. Exotic Blooms does not sacrifice quality to offer such great deals and products, though. They ensure that all of their cannabis products meet the highest possible quality. They’ve even been reviewed over 180 times on 420DC, if you need more evidence that Exotic Blooms will deliver.

The menu at Exotic Blooms is full of options for anyone looking to enjoy cannabis in the DC area. With an emphasis on high-quality products, they can offer you various strains of flower, vape pens and cartridges, concentrates, and edibles, so there’s something for everyone. Our favorite strain on their menu right now is the Gelato Cake, which is an indica-dominant cross between Gelato #33 and Wedding Cake boasting creamy cakey flavors. Gelato Cake is perfect for relaxing and unplugging from the world for a few hours. If edibles are more your scene, we recommend any of their delicious homemade candies modeled after your childhood favorites like Nerds Ropes and Gushers. 

Touting their exceptional delivery service with an emphasis on customer service Exotic Blooms is available for delivery seven days a week. To get started, take a look at their website at www.exoticblooms.co or check out their 420DC profile to pick out what you would like, and then call or send a text to (202) 317-9158 with a copy of your photo ID and a selfie to prove it’s you. 

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Best Of DC (November): Exotic Blooms 1 2023

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