Relatively new to the Washington, DC cannabis industry, District Connect has sprung to life as an up-and-coming spot to satisfy all of your Cannabis needs. Thanks to the passing of Initiative 71 in DC to allow cannabis to be gifted legally, District Connect sells art-inspired stickers to their customers along with a free gift of cannabis with every purchase. The core values instilled in District Connect and their employees make them a brand that you can trust to meet all of your cannabis-related inquiries.

With a massive selection of flower, there is no doubt you’ll find something that satisfies, but if you would rather indulge through vapes, edibles, or extracts, District Connect has you covered. Their menu is chock full of indica, sativa, and hybrid flower strains, so no matter what you want out of your cannabis, District Connect has the right strain for you. Right now, we’re super excited about one of their designer strains, Motorbreath. It’s an indica-dominant hybrid that is perfect for the restless nights when you can’t seem to fall asleep and smells just like I-95; sour, fuel-tinged, and funky. 

District Connect offers a fast and easy delivery service to go along with daily specials to give their customers the best possible experience. They offer delivery seven days a week, and all you have to do to get going is call or text 202-631-8844 and have your Photo ID ready. If you order any three vapes or three edibles, you can get a fourth one for free. You can also try out any two Dankwoods for just $100. Just tell ’em 420DC sent you! 

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District Connect

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