best of dc november 2022 sincity gardens

SinCity Gardens is one of the most elusive weed services in DC. They don’t have a physical location or a website but have a wide selection of quality products. So how do you check out their menu and buy their weed?

You can text or call SinCity Gardens 24/7 at 771-201-4930, and they’ll reply with their menu! They’re always prompt and helpful with their responses.

SinCity Gardens has some wonderful deals, but they change their promotions often, so you have to act fast if you see a deal that you like. A few November deals they’re offering currently are 5g of shrooms for $50, 20 exotic pre-rolls for $100, and two shrooms chocolate bars for $100.

They have a unique business model and sometimes even bargain with customers, so you may be able to swing a lower price if you’re willing to haggle a bit. But most people find their set prices to be reasonable and accessible.

Along with the deals mentioned above, they also have an amazing deal on shake right now. You can get a whole ounce of shake for $30 or two ounces for $50 when you buy anything else. So you can buy a small pack of edibles or an eighth of flower and get an extra two ounces for only $50! This deal is unbeatable, especially if you appreciate shake discounts.

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