best of dc november 2022 purple penthouse

Purple Penthouse is a premium weed delivery service with an impressive range of products. They offer everything from shrooms to gummies to edible chocolate to pre-rolls, and of course, lots of strains.

Purple Penthouse is harnessing the holiday spirit early and has begun offering some top-notch deals to celebrate the holiday season. These deals won’t continue into 2023, so make sure you hop on these offers now before the opportunity passes.

Fittingly, they’re having a special on Sugar Cookie flower! How appropriate for the holiday season! If you love sugar cookies with a cup of coffee or tea, add the Sugar Cookie of the strain to make the combination even more enjoyable! Sugar Cookie is a moderately potent hybrid with a super sugary flavor and a hint of vanilla.

This distinct strain is sure to make you cozy and warm on your couch as you get ready to press play on your favorite holiday movies. Or maybe you want to toke while putting up sparkly decorations. What goes better with holiday activities than a cozy strain called Sugar Cookie? Nothing.

But if you want something a little more intense, Purple Penthouse is one of the best companies in DC to order shrooms from. They have the classic mushrooms but also have shrooms chocolate bars, and gummy bears, so you don’t have to munch on the dusty mushrooms if you don’t want to. Psychedelic trips can be festive too!

Call them at 202-923-5766 to place a delivery order or ask questions! They take orders and deliver every day from 10 am to 9:30 pm.

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