best of dc november 2022 locals only

Locals Only is an online dispensary where you can place orders and have your weed on the same day! Despite the name, tourists and DC locals alike are welcome to check out this virtual dispensary and take advantage of some superb deals.

They always have promotions for flower and shrooms, which is fun. But in November, they’re giving customers free edibles on every order! Usually, they give out gummies, but you can also score a small brownie, cookie, or another type of edible when you buy anything from the store.

Locals Only offers free delivery on all orders and give out shrooms for free with your first order. As you can see, Locals Only loves their customers and shows it by giving out so many fantastic freebies.

Shopping here is a no-brainer when you can have a fun trip with free shrooms or send yourself to the moon with premium cannabis edibles. The staff are supremely friendly and knowledgable and are eager to help you take advantage of the promotions and offerings.

While they have excellent top-shelf products for veteran smokers, their menu is simple to understand and shop from, making it an accessible option for newbies who may be confused by the process and products. Moreover, Locals Only is anything but exclusive, as they invite everyone to use their free delivery services and check out their ever-changing promotions.

You can place an order by calling 855-890-1214 anytime between 10 am and 10 pm, seven days a week! They don’t have a physical location.

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