When it comes to the finer things in life like exclusive, designer flower, and various other high-quality cannabis products, no one compares to Purple Penthouse. Purple Penthouse is a female-owned weed and shroom delivery service and has earned its royal spot among the Best of DC for May. They carry everything you need from select flower strains to edibles, cartridges, shrooms, and so much more. Purple Penthouse supplies a staggering amount of choices with great deals you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Purple has always been attributed to royalty and this weed delivery service combined that with the status of the penthouse suite, to bring you a delivery service that provides the highest-quality exotic and top-tier cannabis every single time.

Just head to their website to review their menu and to learn more about their simple and efficient ordering process. You are required to be at least 21 years or older to place orders and a selfie must also be provided upon order confirmation. Purple Penthouse offers great deals on just about all their products, especially their killer deals on ounces for select strains with prices as low as $140. Whether are you searching for the highest quality weed out there or you’re looking to support a female-owned cannabis business, Purple Penthouse is a great option for those looking for reliable weed delivery services in D.C. Don’t forget to mention 420DC sent you and receive a special discount on your next order!

purple penthouse


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