Next up on the Best of DC for May is Flower Ave. Productions, a high-quality delivery, and pick-up based cannabis service located in DC. They are fully compliant with DC’s Initiative 71 with an emphasis on quality. Flower Ave. Productions carry an assortment of cannabis products including various premium and exotic flower strains like Super Sour OG and Super Lemon Haze as well as edibles, and shrooms. When it comes to edibles, they offer a tasty assortment of products from straight cannabutter to cereal bars and sour gummies. Or, for users interested in what shrooms has to offer, Flower Ave. Productions provides magic mushroom bars in assorted flavors or two strains of mushrooms with various quantities to choose from.

Service with Flower Ave. Productions comes with satisfaction and a money-backed guarantee. For those interested, proper identification is required to confirm orders and individuals must be at least 21 years old. All orders are pick-up only with a $20 delivery fee and a $125 minimum order. Flower Ave. Productions pride themselves on the quality and variety of their products as well as the reliable nature of their delivery service. Individuals looking for a hassle-free cannabis delivery service experience then Flower Ave. Productions is a great option. Just give them a call and they will cover the rest. Don’t forget to mention 420DC sent you to receive a special discount on your next order!

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