best of dc may 2023 high speed

High Speed is a family-owned cannabis business that has been serving Washington, D.C., since 2013. Their goal is to offer premium cannabis products to both medical and recreational cannabis consumers. Their vast product selection includes flowers, edibles, vapes, and concentrates, and they’re committed to providing customers with the best possible experience.

High Speed is passionate about sourcing and testing their products from local vendors. They ensure that customers have access to the best cannabis products available. High Speed is also committed to educating their customers about the therapeutic and recreational benefits of cannabis.

The team at High Speed cares about their customers, and they offer a variety of products that help with many health conditions. They also offer discounts to veterans, birthdays, and terminally ill patients.

Current Daily Specials at High Speed

  • 2 Shroom Chocolate bars for $120
  • 4 Zips of Topshelf strain for $580
  • Add 1oz of shake to your order for just $50
  • 2 carts for $50
  • 5g of Shatter for $110
  • $10 off if it’s your birthday- you must have valid ID for proof

Marijuana Menu

  • ZaZa is 1/2oz for $130 and 1oz for $250
  • Topshelf is 1/2oz for $90 and 1oz for $160

High Speed is currently running a fantastic sale on their edibles. You can get:

  • 4 Shroom chocolate bars for $200
  • 4 oz of Shake for $200
  • 5 gummies for $100
  • 5g shrooms for $40
  • 2oz Topshelf flower for $300
  • 10g Shatter for $200
  • 5 Carts for $100

Location: Washington, DC
Phone: 571-232-1038
Hours: n/a

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