best of dc may 2023 dc lab direct

What’s better than paying full price? How about 50% off everything? DC Lab Direct has a massive special currently running for its delivery service.

DC Lab Direct is giving their first daily customers huge savings. The first 20 orders of the day get a great discount on their orders.

  • The first five orders received get 50% off their order.
  • The first ten orders received get 40% off their order.
  • The first fifteen orders received get 30% off their order
  • The first twenty orders received get 20% off their order

To activate the deal, you need to leave a five-star review for DC Lab Direct.

Other current deals include:

  • Purchase 2oz or more flowers and redeem $1 for 1oz Red Berry or 2oz Shake, or 10 pre-rolls.
  • Shake is 2oz for $90, 4oz for $170, and 8oz for $320.

New Products For May

  • Star Cookies $125
  • Lemon OG Kush $110
  • Gary Payton $105
  • Earthquake $100
  • Cherry Limeade $90
  • Bog Bubble $90
  • French Vanilla Miles Shake $240
  • Jealousy Mint Cookies $320
  • California Platinum $135
  • Animal Face $240

All delivery and pickups are charged a $20 fee for labor, time, and delivery. Orders over $500 receive free delivery.

Location: Washington DC
Phone: 929-488-7007
Hours: Sun-Wed 9 am – 9 pm, Thur – Sat 9 am – 10 pm

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