If you’re looking for a top-notch weed delivery service in DC, then look no further than Deja Vu. They pride themselves on connecting with people and being able to assist them with whatever they might need. They are here to help and provide you with quality service and premier cannabis products. Deja Vu promotes various deals that they offer to their generous clients, so all you need to do is reach out and tell them what you need! Deja Vu does have a $50 minimum per order and only honors one deal per order.

Deja Vu carries an assortment of cannabis strains like Galactic Punch, Animal Cookies, and Lemon Skunk as well as high-quality wax, cartridges, and edibles. Their selection of cannabis strains is unmatched in the DC area as you’ll find yourself with an endless list of new strains to try. Deja Vu is a collective group of young minds that want to share their love of finer things with others, and help them get the best quality every single time. Tell them 420DC sent you and receive a special discount on your next deal!

deja vu

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