Support “women in weed” by choosing Purple Penthouse for your next cannabis and shroom delivery service! Purple is not only a symbol of royalty but also a common descriptor to denote high-quality cannabis strains, a name that Purple Penthouse proudly labels as their own to highlight to people the level of quality and service they provide. Purple Penthouse offers a wide range of cannabis products and shrooms to choose from including moon rock, seeds, flower, cartridges, and so much more. They offer daily deals on their products to help their customers get the most from their purchases. All of these factors helped to catapult them into a spot on June’s Best of DC! Just give them a call to place an order and they will help set up the rest! Their website is currently under construction, so reviewing their menu or placing an order online will have to be placed on hold until it is completed.

Individuals interested in ordering with Purple Penthouse can reach out and give them a call or text, must be at least 21 years of age with a valid form of ID, and provide a selfie with themselves holding the ID to verify age and to confirm the order. The Purple Penthouse Staff will review the order and provide a designated delivery place and time for a speedy delivery process. Purple Penthouse also offers a top-notch loyalty program where their customers can earn loyalty points back for every dollar they spend. Once a customer hits 1000 points they are automatically rewarded with a $50 credit to be used towards future purchases. Individuals looking for top-of-the-line cannabis and shroom delivery service that is powered by women in a male-dominated space, then Purple Penthouse is a perfect choice! Don’t forget to mention 420DC sent you to receive a special discount on your next order.

purple penthouse

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