As the premier source of I-71 compliant cannabis flower in DC, King Budz has earned its rightful place among June’s Best of DC. King Budz provides a top-notch weed delivery service that prides itself on treating their guests to the best selection of flower as well as other popular cannabis gifts like concentrates, edibles, and more. For individuals looking for a cannabis delivery service that operates at all times of the day, King Budz is the one to go with as they are open 24/7 and do not require a medical marijuana card for service. King Budz operates on a donation-only system, so reach out and give them a call to discuss recommended donation amounts.

With a quality selection of cannabis gifts at their disposal, guests can find a little bit of everything they could want as King Budz’s menu boasts an expansive list of products including various tiers of flower, concentrates and cartridges, edibles, tinctures, drinks, CBD, and so much more. Choose from popular cannabis strains like Bruce Banner and Gelato or explore the various selections of edibles like brownies, gummies, candies, and more.

As well as being one of the best sources of cannabis gifts in DC, King Budz offers growing classes as a part of their “Grow Your Own University” program. With various classes offered at different price levels and different times of the year, growers in DC looking to improve upon their skills or to get started in the game should look to King Budz as a reliable source of information and a great resource. King Budz is a delivery service located in DC that has a lot to offer with various quality cannabis gifts to in-depth cannabis growing classes. For individuals looking for a cannabis delivery and gifting service with open availability and an expansive menu to browse, King Budz is the delivery service to choose!

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