Kicking off the month of June for the Best of DC is All The Buzz DC, a notoriously popular weed delivery service and smoke shop that offers a great selection of cannabis gifts for any cannabis lover. Open 7 days per week from 10 am to 9 pm with a storefront location, All The Buzz DC has an expansive availability and a simple ordering process that all falls under Initiative 71 compliance. Just reach out and give them a call or head to their storefront location and browse all of their cannabis gifts in person. All The Buzz DC offers curbside pickup and requires individuals to provide a valid state ID, be at least 21 years of age, and adorn a face mask when entering the store.

With a safe and clean location to browse and a great selection of flower for gifting, All The Buzz earned its top spot among all of the best smoke shops and delivery services DC has to offer. Whether someone is looking for delectable edibles or potent cannabis flower, All The Buzz DC’s got it covered. Boasting a range of cannabis strains to choose from like Do-Si-Dos, White Widow, and Blue Cookies as well as a vast assortment of edibles including lollipops, nerds ropes, and rice krispie treats, it’s hard to beat the quality and variety attributed to All The Buzz DC. For individuals who want to learn what all the buzz is about, check out All The Buzz DC’s Listing today and check out all kinds of special discounts when you mention 420DC!

all the buzz dc


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