SinCity Gardens

SinCity Gardens is one of the more elusive and mysterious dispensaries, as they don’t have a location and they do not list their menu online. But don’t worry, we know about all their deals and want to share them with you. For June, they have an array of generous deals going on that you can check out.

One of the best ones is their deal on exotic shake, where you can get a whole eight ounces for a fraction of the normal price. They also have a deal on top-shelf ounces. You can get four half ounces of your favorite top-shelf strains for only $250! That is two whole ounces at only $125 a piece, which is an insanely good deal, so take advantage of it before it’s gone.

There are many more amazing deals on flower strains, but SInCity also offers deals on disposables, concentrates, moonrocks, shrooms, pre-rolls, and more. You can get 20 exotic pre-rolls for only $100, so you’re paying a measly $5 for these delicious and potent joints.

SinCity also sells 5 grams of shrooms for $50, so you can buy some cannabis, buy some mushrooms, and then have a chill and trippy afternoon! SinCity Gardens has constantly rotating deals, so even if you miss out on these June deals.

You can text or call SinCity Gardens 24/7 at 771-201-4930, and they’ll reply with their menu! They’re always prompt and helpful with their responses.

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