High5DMV is a quality DC dispensary with featured products that change from month to month, and sometimes from week to week! For June, High5DMV is featuring some stellar products that they chose specifically for their customers. Check out their featured flower strings, including Pineapple Express, Orange Crush, Pink Starburst, White Gold, White Gelato, Mimosa, Tropical Runtz, Grape Runtz, and King Louis XIII.

Many of these featured strains are top-shelf, designer, or both, so you can try something fancy and new. But High5DMV’s featured products include more than just flower strains. One of the newer products they’ve added to their menu and are featuring this month are keef containers! Keef (kief, keif) is the fine powdery marijuana substance you can collect from grinding lots of flowers.

Most grinders have a keef chamber to collect this, but if you don’t want to wait for your chamber to fill up or don’t grind flower very often, you can buy a convenient little capsule full of high-quality keef! This product is perfect if you want to top off your bowl with keef, sprinkle it into your food, or coat your joints in it for an extra buzz.

The High5DMV hours are a little funky. They’re closed on Mondays, open from noon to 8 pm Tuesday through Thursday, noon to 9 pm on Friday and Saturday, and 11 am to 7 pm on Sunday. But you accept pre-orders as early as 9 am daily. Call or text them at 202-883-2472 if you need information or want to place an order.

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