GHouse DC

GHouse DC is one of the most popular and best DC dispensaries, offering 24/7 cannabis delivery, so you can get their products whenever you need them. They also have multiple locations, so it’s one of the most convenient options in the city. They don’t have too many featured products or special deals for June, but they are highlighting a fabulous new strain you should check out.

The Gushers strain is currently their most interesting strain. It’s potent, with about 25% THC and delivers a buzzy, tingly feeling with a relaxed and euphoric vibe. Aside from the tasty and sweet Gushers strain, they also have the Jealousy strain and Black Cherry Gelato. These two strains are trendy right now and have dazzling effects that make you feel comfortable and happy.

Along with the top-notch flower strains, they also sell quality edibles and cartridges, so you can order or pick up whatever kind of cannabis you want. Plus, they have some stylish and cute apparel, including shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, and more! If you’re looking for a reputable dispensary with exotic flower and top-shelf deals, GHouse DC is easily one of the best choices and they’re super convenient.

Call or text Ghouse DC at 202-602-7092 and schedule a meetup or delivery between noon and 8 pm any day of the week! They don’t have a physical location, but their delivery is prompt and convenient.

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