All The Buzz

All The Buzz tries to give their customers free stuff, and this June is no exception! They sell flowers alongside funky t-shirts, unique face masks, and other non-cannabis products. Every time you buy weed from All The Buzz, you’ll also get a fun bonus item! You can buy a $45, $50, $60, or $75 short or mask and receive a flower gift.

Their special offerings for June are SFV, a delicious Indica-dominant hybrid, Gelato Mintz, another Indica-dominant hybrid, and Strawberry Jam, a potent Sativa-dominant hybrid. Their other top flower deals this spring include Oreoz, Ze Chem, Ice Cream Cake, Biscotti, Rose Gold, Crying Rhino, and Blackberry Kush. Along with standard flowers, pre-rolls, and carts, they also have some unique offerings.

You can buy THC-infused Skittles, THC Kool-Aid, a vegan chocolate mushroom bar, tinctures, brownies, THC Cheez-Its, cake, lemonade, honey, and more! If you love edibles, check out All The Buzz’s new items. Add some THC honey to your tea or chug a THC lemonade and be on cloud-9 in half an hour. Whether you want a “free” t-shirt or a super special type of edible, you can find it at this top-notch DC dispensary.

Visit them seven days a week between 10 am to 9 pm or call 202-803-2263! The dispensary is at 3232 Georgia Ave NW Washington, DC 20010, and the knowledgeable employees are eager to hook you up with a tasty deal and maybe some cool merch.

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