Blend the love of cannabis and music into one with Peace In The Air, a proudly black-owned digital music store and I-71 compliant cannabis gifting shop. Peace In The Air has earned its spot among the Best of DC for July with its stellar track record, quality music, and top-tier cannabis gifts. For individuals looking to find some great new music selections from hot new artists while also receiving high-quality cannabis gifts in the process, Peace In The Air is the go-to spot. Peace In The Air offers both storefront and delivery options for their customers with an open availability 7 days per week 10 pm – 8 pm (Friday and Saturday 10 pm – 10 pm).

Those interested in check out what Peace In The Air has to offer, head to their website to view their menu and place an order, or head to their storefront location where walk-ins are accepted. Peace In The Air proudly showcases an impressive collection of hot new music with a variety of options to choose from featuring their Rare Exotics music category to their popular House Tracks. Each music category comes with a complimentary gift of flower with the option to select either pre-rolls or edibles in exchange. Their current flower selection is subject to change but features cannabis strains like Pink Runtz, Wedding Cake, and Lemon Cherry Gelato. With a safe, easy, and secure service every time, Peace In The Air continues to exceed expectations and cement itself as the staple digital music and cannabis gifting store in DC.

peace in the air

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