As the premier source of cannabis flower in DC, King Budz D.C. has earned its place among the Best of DC for July! King Budz D.C. offers I-71 compliant cannabis flower strains for their guests, priding themselves for their focus on customer service. Operating 24/7 and on a donation-only system, King Budz continually provides reliable, safe, and private delivery services or pick-ups. No medical marijuana card is needed to receive donations, however, individuals must be at least 21 years old to receive their gift of cannabis flower or the various other cannabis gifts available. A unique element to King Budz is that they offer special growing glasses and provide various equipment needed for start-ups like grow tents and more.

For individuals seeking a reliable and accessible cannabis delivery service in DC, King Budz D.C. is sure to have a little bit of something for even the pickiest cannabis connoisseur. King Budz provides an assortment of exotic and top-shelf cannabis strains like Bruce Banner or Bubba Kush as well as various other cannabis products like edibles, concentrates, pre-rolls, and so much more. Give King Budz a call to learn more and don’t forget to ask about their grow classes! These classes are scheduled regularly throughout the year at varying price points depending on the depth of knowledge an individual is seeking. Don’t forget to mention 420DC and receive a one-pack of gummies, free!

king budz d.c.

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