Joining the roster for July’s Best of DC is the notorious Deja Vu, a weed delivery service and smoke shop located in DC that offers a broad assortment of cannabis gifts designed to please cannabis lovers of all tastes. As a collective group of young minds that enjoy sharing and connecting others with their love of cannabis, the staff over at Deja Vu prides themselves on their dedication to quality, and in their ability to connect people with their specific needs. Deja Vu’s menu features a wide selection of cannabis gifts which covers things like cannabis flower, concentrates, cartridges, magic mushrooms, and so much more.

Cannabis lovers looking to give Deja Vu a shot, just reach out and give them a call to place an order. There is a minimum of one deal honored per phone call with a minimum of a $50 order placed to receive that deal. Individuals must also be at least 21 years old with a valid state ID for confirmation to place an order. Once an order is set and a deal is picked out, Deja Vu’s staff will set an estimated delivery time with a focus on getting the orders to their customers as soon as possible. Cannabis connoisseurs can pick from a generous selection of cannabis flower that features popular strains like Ice Cream Cake, Green Crack, and Sunset Sherbet, or browse the endless list of cannabis concentrates, cartridges, edibles, and a selection of magic mushrooms, cultivated with love and patience. Deja Vu is a must-try cannabis delivery service for dedicated cannabis connoisseurs living or traveling, in DC.

deja vu

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