best of dc july 2022 top 10 businesses

Nothing feels better than smoking some marijuana after a long work day. However, weed is more than just a recreational commodity.

For some, marijuana is the difference between anorexia nervosa and proper feeding. Others rely on marijuana for chronic pain management.

There is no best way to consume marijuana. You can take it in the form and means that suits you best. Moreover, you could mix it up to avoid the monotony. You can smoke marijuana today and eat weed cookies tomorrow.

We understand that DC has many marijuana lovers. So we prepared a list of the top 10 best weed stores based on price, variety, and customer service.

Here are DC’s top 10 marijuana dispensaries for July 2022:

  1. All The Buzz for the most versatile cannabis products.
  2. Legacy DC for the best discounts and customer-centric services.
  3. Purple Penthouse to enjoy the best-quality cannabis.
  4. Exotic Blooms for their wide cannabis varieties and short-notice deliveries.
  5. GHouse DC for their exotic cannabis strains and extensive merchandise.
  6. Gifted Curators for the best medical-grade cannabis.
  7. High5DMV for premium quality, budget-friendly products.
  8. High Speed for the best recreational weed and infused products.
  9. Spark Up to enjoy their high-quality cannabis, diverse cartridges, and smoke pipes.
  10. Hall of Fame for their exotic weed, concentrates, and pre-rolls.

Scroll down for a merit-based review of DC’s top 10 cannabis dispensaries.

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