best of dc may 2022 high speed

If the phrase speed is attached to a business, then you can be sure the enterprise will offer speedy services. Thus, High Speed fits the category.

Pamper yourself with some deluxe cannabis strains with High Speed, one of the best smoke shops that offer fast and free delivery services. Located in Washington DC, High Speed earned its 8th spot on the Best of DC, fortifying its legacy.

It often stocks up on medical and recreational cannabis strains and infused products. For example, as part of their menu, you can get exotic strains, including Gushers, Runts, and King Louis.

From the top shelf, you can choose between Kush mint, Gummies, Viper cookies, Han Solo Burger, and Layer Cake. The Indica collection is not an exception; you may love their Strawberry shortcake, Phatt Fruitty, or Night Train, among others.

All these products vary in prizes; thus, depending on your budget, you can choose to buy them in half oz or full oz packages.

Cannabis aficionados can also purchase THC-infused edibles, mushrooms, and disposable pens, depending on their preferences.

High Speed offers excellent deals and discounted prices on every purchase if you are a US veteran or suffer from a terminal illness. You can also get lucky if it is your birthday.

Please note that if you are a first-time client, telling them you are a 420DC reader guarantees you $10 off on your purchase.

Thus, do not hesitate to place your orders by dialing (571)232-1038 and visiting their delivery website to skim through their products and services.

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