best of dc may 2022 hall of fame exotics

Marked as one of the best cannabis stores in DC, Hall of Fame Exotics has maintained its performance record by continuously providing quality marijuana products and impeccable delivery services, translating to increased client satisfaction.

Hall of Fame Exotics works hard to present a well-organized menu with the most potent and hottest cannabis products you could ever want. They specialize in premium flowers (Headband, Gelato Cake, Lemon Diesel, Sour Apple, and Diamond Cookies) and magic mushrooms (Indubian, Penis Envy, Blue Meanie, and Albino).

However, if edibles (Bloom and Eureka), concentrates, cartridges, and pre-roll joints are your specialty, then call Hall of Fames a paradise because they have you covered in every sector.

Hall of Fame Exotics is known for its 420DC daily specials. Purchase three edibles or pre-rolls concentrates and earn a free extra of each product. Not forgetting, you can get up to 25% off on purchases from Monday to Friday, between 12 pm and 5 pm.

In addition, 420DC readers and marijuana lovers can also expect a gift or coupon every time they purchase. Thus, if you think about it for a minute, where else can you find these fantastic deals?

They got you covered regardless of your health or recreational needs. Ensure you take advantage while the deals last.

Hall of Fame Exotics scores high in its deals and customer service. Thus, if you are interested, call them at (202) 876-6284 or visit their website to check their plethora of cannabis products, discounts, and offers before ordering.

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  1. Michael Mclaughlin

    I live in Mexico and have for the last two years been studing the cannabis business in the USA. One day marijuana will be legal in Mexico.

    I will say that 420DC puts out the most emails of any seed company or grower. They are the champs at advertising their wares. I want to know how they can make money at the prices for an oz. Under $100? Really?