best of dc may 2022 gifted curators

Gifted Curators is a fantastic cannabis shop located in the heart of Washington DC. From its excellent customer service, delivery services, and guaranteed high-quality strains, Gifted Curators deserves the 6th spot in the top 10 Best of DC.

Gifted Curators has carved its name in Washington DC for its dedication to importing and offering clients medical-grade marijuana products. For instance, they feature an expansive and impressive menu collection of cannabis flowers, including Cali Indica as their best seller.

They also offer other exotic flower strains, including Szkittles, Sunset Sherbet, and Runts. Their gifted edibles include CaliGold dark chocolate, Stoner Patch gummies that taste like sour patch candy, and a variety of rolled joints. There is always something for every cannabis lover.

Gifted Curators often offer discounted deals and specials on their products. For instance, you can get a free pre-roll joint if you buy products worth more than $100 or have $50 off if you spend more than $150. Just remember to mention to the budtenders 420DC sent you to receive discounted prices and gifts when placing orders.

For those interested in seeking more information or placing an order, please call them on their number, (202) 864-9915. You can also visit the Gifted Curators website and stay updated on their ongoing deals and specials on their products. Additionally, you can be sure to get notified of any new products featured on their menu.

Otherwise, you may also visit their physical shop located in Washington Dc. Follow their website to get the directions.

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