best of dc may 2022 ghouse dc

GHouse DC is a smoke shop with many branches in DC. The shop is famous for its premium flowers, edibles, and other concentrates at a reasonable price.

One of its branches is located in the upper northwest, and they can deliver to your doorstep.

This cannabis shop boasts some of the best exotic strains. For instance, you can buy flowers such as Pink Runtz, Lemon Kush, and Skywalker. You can also acquire edibles, such as chocolates and cookies. Furthermore, GHouse DC sells various cartridges, such as vape and vape pens.

Another thing that makes this cannabis shop awesome is that you can buy branded hoodies, t-shirts, and bags. Sometimes they may offer these items as gifts to customers after making a big purchase.

If you want to place an order, call (202) 602-7092 and schedule a private meet-up or ask them to deliver the cannabis to your house or hotel. Additionally, you should check their website to know more about their products and offers.

GHouse DC is keen on meeting the government’s regulations on selling cannabis to those above the legal age.

You must also provide your ID and a selfie to prove that you are eligible to buy weed. However, you should not be worried about giving this information because they use it only for verification purposes and will maintain your privacy.

Additionally, this cannabis shop delivers to Virginia, and those living here can organize private meet-ups. Mention 420 DC before making your purchase to get a free edible.

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