best of dc may 2022 all the buzz

All the Buzz is your go-to cannabis shop for those looking for the ultimate cannabis experience. This DC-based shop has products for every customer, and you will feel welcomed if it is your first time in the shop. Additionally, they have excellent customer service if you do not know what to get.

This cannabis shop changes its menu daily, but some of the products you may find include Sour Kush, Rockstar, Fish Scale, Sweet Tooth, and Girl Scout Cookies. They also have a flower menu that contains products such as 99 Problems, Green Crack, GMO cookies, and Cake Mix.

Additionally, they have different cannabis goodies for those who love edibles. For instance, you can purchase various products like lollipops, gummies, brownies, and trollis.

One thing that makes All the Buzz exciting is their apparel store. It stands out because you will get 3.5 grams of flower if you buy some of their merchandise like t-shirts. Thus, check out their website to avoid missing out on this offer. Furthermore, you can contact them via (202) 803-2263 to enquire more about their offers or place an order.

Additionally, All the Buzz sells pre-joints with different flavors. One thing that makes their pre-rolls impressive is that they are mixed to give people multiple flavors. Furthermore, the staff will help you choose a good flavor that meets your preferences.

Visit All the Buzz daily from 10 am to 9 pm and learn more about their discounts. You are just one step away from having the best marijuana experience if you visit this cannabis shop.

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