Flower Ave. Productions is an Initiative 71 compliant weed delivery and pickup service located in the DC area. Their premium flower is guaranteed to satisfy and cultivated for cannabis smokers who enjoy high-quality cannabis. Feel free to call them for any questions, more information about their products or services, or to set up a pickup or delivery. Make sure you have the proper identification and all customers must be at least 21 years old to receive their services.

Flower Ave. Productions is an appointment based weed pickup and delivery service with a $20 delivery fee. All deals on their products are for pickup only and you are required to have a $125 minimum order to receive deals. Their menu is expansive and carries various top-notch cannabis strains, boasting potent effects and a euphoric high, as well as multiple options for flavorful cannabis edibles. Call or text Flower Ave. Productions today for fast and reliable delivery services.


flower ave. productions

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  1. Jacob T

    I realize this is an ad, but I just wanted to say that these guys are unironically my go-to vendor. Their oz prices are much better than competitors and I have never gotten bad bud from them ever. Timeliness could be better but I will gladly wait an extra 15 minutes for an oz for 150 dollars less than from someone who is on time.