best of dc january 2023 purple penthouse

The Purple Penthouse is a hidden gem in DC. This online weed and shrooms delivery service offers some of the best products at reasonable prices. They have a beautiful website where you can explore their enticing products and order from your computer or device.

This January, the Purple Penthouse is doing some incredible flower deals, so you can get a premium flower at a low price. These deals include the potent Bruce Banner strain, the mellow Bubble Bath strain, or the sweet London Pound Cake strain.

You can get an ounce of any of these strains for only $100 or a whopping two ounces for only $180. That’s $90 an ounce! And this is a premium bud that will leave you happy and hazy. Don’t sleep on this deal because they’re running out of flower fast! Apple Fritter, Orange Cookies, and Lemon Cherry Gelato were part of this deal but are already out of stock.

If you love the Purple Penthouse and want to take advantage of even more deals, you can join their VIP program and get special offers and early access to new products. From shrooms to gummies to prerolls to vapes and everything in between, the Purple Penthouse has an exciting inventory to explore!

They also offer prompt and professional delivery, making picking up cannabis or shrooms simple and convenient.

Call them at 202-923-5766 to place a delivery order or ask questions about their current deals and products! They take orders and deliver every day from 10 am to 9:30 pm. They do not have a physical location.

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